(801) 302-2252(both voice and fax)    –   (801) 231-4937 (cell)   –   gthorne@finepointsolutions.com
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Available upon request.  I’m currently a partner in a small startup company (RealmLogic, LLC – 801-302-2252) and I keep my own schedule and reside in the Salt Lake City area.  I’ve posted my current resume here on-line and you can best contact me via e-mail.  I’ll fly anywhere within the U.S.


March 2006 - Present - Fine Point Solutions, Inc. - SLC, Utah

Currently providing all manner of IT work. Our goal is to make IT work for you so you can focus on your business – and do it in a cost effective manner.

  • Utilities and Programs
    • OkiPS – a unix utility that converts print jobs destined for legacy dot matrix printers to PostScript
    • DAT2 – Dimensions Access Tools (v2). This suite of programs allows you to read the Dimensions (Transoft, BBRWIN, SuperDOS) ISAM files.
    • RHOOK – Programs written using Expect that can key stroke data into legacy unix applications (Dimensions)
  • Custom Programming
    • Java, C/C++, Cocoa (iPhone), Perl / PHP, SQL
  • Software design and analysis
  • Server and network design, implementation, and support
    • Unix and *most* flavors of Linux (prefer RedHat and similar distros)
    • Microsoft – Systems Engineer: MCSE
    • Network design – Cisco
  • Systems
    • MRTG, Nagios, Hylafax, Asterisk, JBoss, Tomcat, JSPWiki, Samba, Squid/SquidGuard, DSpam

In June of 2001, RealmLogic bought the software developed by CyBuild and completed the dispatch and delivery system.  It currently is installed and running at companies nation wide.  The current release moved beyond the scheduling and tracking of the delivery process to the scheduling and tracking of user defined processes (workflows).  This gives our customers the flexibility to use our product to keep track of production and manufacturing.   For a more information, please visit our web site at www.realmlogic.com.


  • RealmLogic’s application is written in Java and runs on JBoss and Tomcat.  We have kept to the J2EE standards which will allow us (if needed) to move our application back to BEA’s Weblogic Commerce Server or IBM’s WebSphere product.
  • The database model is JDBC/ODBC and we can use any JDBC/ODBC compliant engine.  For development we are using MySQL.

June 2000 -June 2001 - Cybuild, LLC - SLC, Utah

CyBuild’s goal was to develop an 100% Java (J2EE) ERP system and deploy it using an ASP hybrid architecture. We first played with BEA’s Weblogic Commerce Server (WLCS) and found our hands tied. We then decided to check out a new and up-coming Java application server called JBoss. We were impressed with it and moved all of our development to the JBoss application server. In this environment we have built:

  • A web store that handles over 25,000 items without breaking a sweat – released as RelmSoft (www.relmsoft.com). (Installed and running at 5 locations)
  • A dispatch and delivery system for scheduling and tracking the delivery of orders from both the web store and their legacy system. (Installed and running at 2 locations)
  • We used Apache’s Virtual Hosting with Tomcat workers to ‘hide’ 10 instances of RelmSoft behind 1 machine on the internet
  • We were in the process of designing and adding:
    • A Human Resources module
    • A Fixed Asset Management module.
  • The design of the ERP system was being done using Rational’s Rose product. I attended a two-week course on OOAD at Rational’s Denver location.
  • Most development was done with Borland’s JBuilder
  • System integration (connecting our web store to legacy systems) was developed using Perl and the database connectivity modules.
  • With Cybuild, I installed, configured and worked with:
    • Microsoft’s FrontPage Server Extensions for Apache with Virtual hosting. I am the administrator for several machines set up in this manner.
    • Wireless networking using simple LAN equipment as well as WAN equipment. I have a wireless 802.11b connection to the internet at home.
    • Sybase (ASE 11.9.2) for Linux – Connected BEA Weblogic’s Commerce server to Sybase using the JDBC component JConnect
    • Oracle (8i) for Linux – Like Sybase, I connected BEA WLC server to the Oracle database
    • MySQL – We chose to implement MySQL because of its small footprint, cost, and low system overhead to run on our laptops for both the developers and the sales team. This allowed them to develop, test, and demo the software on a single in-expensive system.
    • BEA WLCS with Rational Rose – Modified BEA’s on-line shopping cart package to accommodate inventory from a local lumber/hardware store using BEA’s code generator.
    • Apache’s Jakarta Project – Tomcat. Added Tomcat to both IIS and Apache to allow server side java.

September 1997 - June 2000 - Enterprise Computer Systems Inc - SLC, Utah

  • As manager of a small, elite technical group, I was responsible for:
    • The design of a customer’s networks (both LAN and WAN), including: network topology, cabling and equipment (Cisco equipment preferred)
    • Connecting customer’s networks to the Internet. Using: Frame Relay, DDS, Fractional T1s, on-demand dial-up, IDSL and ADSL. For firewall: MS Proxy, Cisco NAT/PAT, Linux IP Masquerading, and the TIS Firewall Toolkit.
    • The network servers: system engineering, hardware build and operating system installation (This included a tight integration between NT servers and Unix serversAIX, SCO, DGUX, Unixware, and Linux)
    • The coordination of network nstallation with traveling installers
    • The on-going phone support of customers’ networks
  • Coordinate the design and development of intranet applications:
    • Designed a web based application for the tracking of scheduled maintenance and daily use of company vehicles using IIS with ASP and MS Access
    • Designed a web based company handbook
  • Support company LAN and WAN
  • Last line of support. I was the final front for the support of the operating systems, network equipment, and any hardware that our customers purchased. In self-defense I created an intranet page that held nearly a gigabyte of information about the operating systems and hardware that Dimensions/ECS sold to its customers. Thus allowing everyone access to all technical information about nearly everything we supported.
  • Created a software package that would walk a sales person through the design of a network (configurator). This would allow the sales people to quickly generate a quote for a customer for our networking services. This greatly simplified the sale of our networking services.
  • Designed and developed an RCS (source code control system) using a web front-end. This was done with extensive Perl/CGI programming.

March 1997 - June 2000 - Enterprise Computer Systems Inc - SLC, Utah

  • Coordinated the design and development of add-on packages. Dimensions is a core package designed for the lumber and building materials industry. Occasions would arise when a customer requested specialized programs. I would oversee the design, development, distribution, and support of such packages.
  • Designed and developed interfaces between the Dimensions software package and other third party applications.
  • Supported and maintained LAN and WAN (5 other small locations)
  • Designed and Maintained company web page (www.dimen.com)

1991 - 1997 - Dimensions Computer Advisors Inc (Merged with ECS)

  • Unix configuration specialist (AIX and SCO)
  • Supported and maintained LAN and WAN (1 other small office)
  • Configured and maintained link to Internet (using CISCO equipment). Setup and configure e-mail (SMTP and POP3), news (INN), and web services (NCSA’s HTTPd)
  • Designed and maintained company web page (www.dimen.com)
  • Communications Project Leader (EDI)
  • Unix programming specialist



  • The OBUG group provides additional programs and tools to enhance and extend the functionality of the Dimensions software package on Unix platforms. We meet twice a year to share what we’ve accomplished and developed:
    • The Dimensions system only handles OKI impact printers, but the times require more. We’ve written programs that convert OKI printouts to: HTML, PS, PCL, and TIF.
    • We’ve written a ‘printer to e-mail/fax’ gateway, which allows them to e-mail/fax any document anywhere.
    • Extensive Unix training on AIX and SCO Unix as well as SQL training
  • Member of the OBUG group have asked us to research an in-expensive alternative to Microsoft software including Microsoft’s Terminal Server and Citrix: The Linux Terminal Server Project as well as an office solution: StarOffice (OpenOffice)



December 2007 – Present:

Scoutmaster of Troop 1212 – South Jordan, Utah

October 2005 – May 2007:

Scoutmaster of Troop 1362 – West Valley City, Utah

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) volunteer

The Boy Scouts of America provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.

One of the many challenges we face is communicating our schedule, goals, and events with the scouts’ parents. To help accomplish this, I have setup a web site which integrates with our troop tracking software (Troopmaster). It also provides a BLOG and photo album for our troop historian. The web site is powered by JSPWiki and extended using custom java plugins and filters.

As a volunteer I also server on the local district staff as a trainer.